i did that thing again were i make a person in tektek and then draw them :/

look, i can draw girls too.

some poses to finish later~

my emofuri Kael :>

just testing this it out so i didnt try anything too special

rohan is growing on me. i was supposed to hate u ufcuk

 i had them draw each other. this was so much fun omg.

missing kol doodles

*edit* ALSO! ive been putting these guys under the tag “‘justroomies’ bc thats an idea for the title i have ( who knows if its offical) but if you ever want to see more of them, thats the tag, yeah bye


i started this piece of claire the other day and i dont know how to do the blood help. honestly dont know how im going to color any of this at all

guess who put this on the wrong blog!