finished this like 2 months ago but yeah here is the coloring book i made for work

Patch hugging Kol

im going draw patch hugging EVERYONE


"why doesnt my art have more notes?" i ask myself while looking at a comic i did of Levi calling Nile a hamster penis

i need to start naming these peoples

Yandere Makoto is a very very bad idea, whats wrong with me.

more nerds

100th post whoopwhoop

sometimes you just gotta draw pretty boys

also, this fuckin song!!!

i wanted to draw full body sketches of them but ended up doing whatever this is (refs? idk) …

so have i mentioned i wanna start a webcomic featuring these nerds cuuuz yeah thats a thing. still working on it of course. its suppose to be a simple comedy story but i guess its not a simple as i thought cuz im having trouble with it :/ 

 the ages and heights may change but ill go off these for now .i have random dialogue and quotes saved up and thought id use some to to show their personalities, not enough for Quin and Patch though apparently opps. some will make more sense in context but yeah..



i will never stop taking dialogue from parks and rec and applying it to snk